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Great Horned Aerial Predator by TsUmIwOlFpRiEsTeSs24
Great Horned Aerial Predator
Yesterday, my mother and I got the wonderful luck of spotting a Great Horned Owl not too far from our house, so we followed it, and got some fairly decent shots of it.
Orchid at Home by TsUmIwOlFpRiEsTeSs24
Orchid at Home
Just like the title says. This is my Orchid, and I took this inside the house. I thought it looked quite lovely.
Basking Bats by TsUmIwOlFpRiEsTeSs24
Basking Bats
FRUIT BATS, BECAUSE FRUIT BATS ARE CUTE. I needed to get pictures of these sweetie pies.


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Ariella Quinones
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
What's there to know?
Look at my art and journals, and I think you'll understand.
I'm always changing, very random, friendly but strict. :)
That's all there is to it! :)
OH! And I love to RP, so don't be shy if you would RP with me! :)
  • Listening to: 23
  • Reading: Trevor X Reader fanfictions
  • Watching: Yes Man
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  • Eating: Ramen
  • Drinking: Water
So, the bad things were all cleared up, and everything is pretty much happy now...EXCEPT THAT I HAVE A RAGING NEED FOR AN RP.
I recently developed a really awkward crush on Trevor Philips from GTA V, and then I made a GTA V OC, and...I need to RP. I have to. I just need someone who can easily act out Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. MOSTLY TREVOR.

I even drew my OC earlier, but since I drew her on lined paper, I don't really want to post a drawing of her right now (plus, it was in pen, so it's sucky cause I couldn't re-do anything). BUT! I have her written description and bio all typed up, so I'm going to post it RIGHT NOW.


Name: Allina Quinones
Age: 39(nearly 40, but she’s very technical).
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 136 lbs.
Body type: Slender (aside from her bust and buttocks)
Eye color: Left- Crystal blue—Right- Lime green
Skin color: Light tan
Hair color and length: Black top layers (sideswept bangs, layered so that she may rat it if she wishes), white bottom layers. Her hair falls to the middle of her back on the longest bottom layer.

Allina hails from a Puerto Rican family, but was born in NJ. She lived there until she was thirteen, when she and her family moved to Los Santos. On her twentieth birthday, her parents were killed in a crash, and she took over the household. An ex-registered nurse and currently working as a waitress within a bar, Allina plays off a friendly personality when need be. Being a Scorpio, however, she has a fiery temper. She has committed several murders(with which she is still managing to get away with), and is skilled as a swordswoman, archer, and gunner. Her driving skills are equally exceptional.

While her past is rarely mentioned, it is clear that she was once(and possibly still) a self-harmer, catering to cutting herself(this is revealed by scars, visible only when she wears her more favored Gothic Lolita/Victorian clothing [corsets, short and long skirts, heels in the form of boots or open toed lace-ups]). She has several different tattoes, including a tribal Scorpion on her left upper arm, an angel wing with a demon in it on her left shoulder blade, a demon wing with an angel in it on her right shoulder blade, a rose with a heart shaped locket chained around it on her upper right thigh, and a tribal heart (broken) on her chest.

Allina has one sibling, Katherine, who is only five years younger than her. Katherine is married to a man named Daniel, and the two are exceedingly friendly and loving towards Allina, even when she’s been committing crimes. Katherine later forces Allina to hold her newborn neice, which makes Allina go into a panic after leaving her sister’s home.

Allina’s hobbies include dancing, singing, drawing, writing, watching porn(intently as she takes notes), drinking, and killing anyone who wrongs her, her family, or her friends, and/or gets in her way.

She becomes acquainted with Trevor after she kills someone who had been attempting to blackmail both herself and him, and he witnesses it by coincidence. After time, she begins to harbor secret feelings for Trevor, and these feelings confuse her, as she has bad history with men.
SO! If anyone would like to help with this, please, oh please, feel free to message me. ;w; I would absolutely LOVE to get this started. I'm pretty much dying right now cause I have no one to RP with using this particular OC...

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